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Here Come the Drums

Below are the 4 most recent journal entries.


  2007.06.26  15.26
This is a not-so-hostile takeover.

You'd think my former self wouldn't leave important things lying around. Mine now!

Hello, one and all. This is your Lord and Master speaking...


  2007.02.14  19.43
RP for eleventh_doctor

The Master is working on his TARDIS, having totally forgotten the Doctor's odd behavior (well, for now) from earlier, he's also convieniently forgotten he told her to stop by and help. Right now, he's just absorbed in his repairs.

Mood: busy

  2007.02.14  15.15

My, I am afraid I've been gone quite some time. I've been searching for the parts I need to repair the TARDIS. I hope the ones I've found will prove to be suitable.

In the meantime, I am sure no one has missed me. I shall try to find out more about where I am- having seen more of this Nexus. I feel it is safe to say this is a very strange and fascinating place.

Having had various el-oh-els wear off (finally), I know I must strive to be more careful about who I take things from. (It seems odd for me to have to tell myself this. I am not a silly child, taking sweets from strangers.) Although, the PINpoint has proved quite useful.

I would attempt to devise some sort of 'evil plot', as the dear Doctor would say, but I'm afraid I've rather started to think of this as a vacation from working at this game of ours. (Whether or not the Doctor thinks of it as a game is a moot point.)

Mood: cheerful

  2006.10.01  22.43

The Master smiled as his TARDIS took on the shape of a 1960's Earth Police Call Box.

Now all he had to do was stay and wait, door ajar. One of those silly companions would dash in sooner or later.

Mood: Plotty